Garden Dialogues 2022: Water Mill, NY

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Garden Dialogues

Garden Dialogues 2022: Water Mill, NY

Garden Dialogues 2022: Water Mill, NY
Oct 02, 2022
Water Mill, NY
United States

All events will be subject to local guidelines on gatherings, including social distancing, wearing face coverings, and stay-at-home orders. Attendance is limited, not only to maximize the safety of those attending but to promote an intimate learning experience. If this event needs to be postponed to comply with local ordinances, registrants will be notified directly.

Note: This Garden Dialogue includes brunch at LaGuardia Design Group's Studio. 

LaGuardia Design Group Studio 

This adventure will begin with a private tour of the LaGuardia Design Group (LDG) studio in Water Mill, NY.  Founded in 1992 as a one-man landscape architecture firm in Southampton, New York, LaGuardia Design Group set an ambition from the beginning to create beautiful and enduring landscapes. Christopher LaGuardia, the firm’s founder, gradually grew the company, finding skilled designers to envision and realize the firm’s sustainable, simple, aesthetic environments. Presently, the firm is led by head principal, Christopher LaGuardia, and partners Ian Hanbach, Daniel Thorp, and Jane LaGuardia. The firm’s original and effective design solutions have been implemented throughout the United States, Asia, and the Caribbean, and are recognized in numerous publications.

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Laguardia Design Group Studio, Water Mill, NY - Photo by Lena Yaremenko

With a strong belief in creative collaboration between clients, architects, and consultants, the firm works towards expressing the best character of each site while meeting the requirements of program, schedule, and budget. The LaGuardia style and design language continues to evolve, forming a brand recognized for its environmental stewardship, historic references, and meticulously designed outdoor spaces. Rather than attempting to mimic nature, LDG’s goal with every design is to interpret natural processes as an artistic expression in their work. In 2013, LDG received the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Award of Excellence in Residential Design, the highest residential award in the profession.


Located on two acres of a former horse farm, this house and landscape reference the site’s past in details such as the surrounding paddock-style fencing, lending the residence an air of rusticity, as well as integrating the landscape with the still-active polo ground and horse paddocks in view across the road. 

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Longview, Water Mill, NY - Photo by Anthony Crisafulli

LDG enhanced the landscape’s pastoral appearance with both the planting and the hardscape. Fescue meadows flourish around the property’s perimeter, and an expanse of prairie dropseed and wavy hair grass frames the front entry way of the house; rustic snapped edge bluestone can be found capping a stone retaining wall and used as coping along the edge of the swimming pool.

Unlike many other retreats on the eastern end of Long Island, this property functions as a year-round residence. For this reason, there is an emphasis around the house on evergreens, especially boxwood, which ensure all-season interest. This evergreen backbone is reinforced by trees and shrubs such as specimen blueberries, crepe myrtles, and a spectacular copper beech. Winterberry hollies animate the meadows with flashes of red fruits when grasses are dormant, as well as provide food for over-wintering songbirds. 

Hayground Residence 

Set on a long, narrow, three-acre lot between an equestrian center and a freshwater pond, this landscape descends approximately forty feet from the road to the edge of a wetland. The LDG design team was involved from the very beginning of the project. The constraints of the site mandated a sensitive arrangement of features that included not only the house, but also a tennis court, a sports court, a large panel of lawn, a swimming pool and pool house, before finally reaching the pond.

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Hayground Residence, Water Mill, NY - Photo by Anthony Crisafulli

The integration of these elements led to the creation of a multi-tiered landscape. A buffer area of native plants, such as bayberry and native grasses, was established above the pond to protect it from runoff and repair the ecological degradation resulting from generations of agricultural use. A narrow path winds through this vegetated buffer, giving access to a small beach. 

The house presents a horizontal, earth-toned aspect that settles easily into its surroundings. The new design arranged several native tupelo trees around the house to enhance privacy and echo the naturally occurring vegetation. The goal was to augment the local wetland flora by the pond and pull it up through the site, allowing the landscape to integrate into its surroundings while softening the transition to the pond. 

Cottage Garden Residence 

Set in Bridgehampton, NY, this residence is a strolling, cottage-like garden with both small intimate spaces and large areas for entertaining. The main entry courtyard is occupied by a 50-year old green Japanese maple set in a bed of Asarumand, surrounded by specimen Hinoki cypress. An irregular, bluestone walkway passes between two low stone walls and meanders through the courtyard to the front door. Step-able ground covers and Creeping Thyme fill the stone joints and create a bed of flowers along the garden floor. 

Cottage Garden_Eric Striffler_2 Kerry Godfrey_sig.jpg
Cottage Garden Residence, Water Mill, NY - Photo by Eric Striffler

The back of the residence, which was originally abandoned lawn, was revitalized as a native Magnolia walk. Native Sweetbay Magnolia trees dance through a bed of Carex grasses and low spreading Hay-Scented ferns. A winding gravel walkway leads guests through the trees and out to the pool area. This property is an herbicide, pesticide, and fertilizer free landscape, designed with an emphasis on sustainability and resilience. 

This Garden Dialogue will be led by Christopher LaGuardia, Ian Hanbach, and Daniel Thorp. 

2.25 LA CES™ professional development hours will be available to attendees.

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11:00 AM - 2:30 PM
Multiple Locations
Water Mill, NY 11976
United States