The Cultural Landscape Foundation
Conference: Second Wave of Modernism II,  Landscape Complexity and Transformation (November 18, 2011 in NYC)

Christian Zimmerman, FASLA

Mr. Zimmerman is Vice President for Design & Construction of the Prospect Park Alliance in Brooklyn, New York. Throughout his 22 year tenure, he has been central to one of the most respected park restorations in the country. As the lead landscape architect for this landmark park, he oversees day to day operations for all capital design and construction. He leads an office of architects, landscape architects and historic preservationists who work with the City, Park operations, community organizations, and user groups to balance the real but sometimes competing demands of historic preservation, natural resources and park maintenance with the needs and desires of the usership. Mr. Zimmerman and his staff are currently collaborating with the firm Tod Williams & Billie Tsien Architects on the Park’s new Lakeside Center. This project will redefine twenty-six acres of the Park incorporating historic preservation, ecological restoration and modern design. His nationally recognized work in historic preservation and design, his degrees in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and his experience in designing for Public spaces continue to guide the work of the Park’s ongoing restoration.

Ambergill Cascade, Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY; Image courtesy Christian Zimmerman, Prospect Park Alliance