The success of his work at The Sea Ranch and Ghirardelli Square, catapulted Halprin onto the international stage. This prominence was fostered by laudatory profiles and reviews in Life Magazine, the New York Times, and elsewhere.

In the years that followed, Halprin’s firm, including founding principals Satoru “Sat” Nishita, Don Carter, Jean Walton, and Richard “Viggie” Vignolo, grew to 60 people. Halprin and his team would, in his words, “produce works of all kinds of great beauty—some important prototypes, and an image of a great and talented office which is working creatively in many new fields and is fun to be in.” Not only did the firm create some of their best known and most influential projects during this period, they reinvented the profession and set the stage for 21st century practices in which urban planning, led by landscape architects, addresses complex infrastructure needs.


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