Nehrling's Palm Cottage Gardens contains the home and remaining gardens of Dr. Henry Nehrling, nationally known horticulturist and ornithologist, and the "patron saint of Florida Gardens."

Nehrling achieved his dream of having a garden where he could grow tropical and sub-tropical plants year round. In fact, this property became Florida 's first experimental botanical garden, the site where Dr. Nehrling tested over 3000 new and rare plants for the United States Department of Agriculture. Today, the carefully preserved remaining core of this historic property is on the market. The Henry Nehrling Society is working diligently to find a way to purchase it and operate it as the Nehrling Gardens History and Horticulture Education Center.

My garden, more natural than artistic, is my paradise. No words can express the delights and pleasures. The enthusiasm and inspiration it affords . . . . Here I find rest and tranquility . . . . Here I find peace and happiness. - Dr. Henry Nehrling