Landslide2008: Marvels of Modernism


Photo © Rick McKee Hock

As landscape architect Ken Smith noted during his consultations in 2001, “most people didn’t understand the park and the ideas that formed its original design. While many people had fond memories of the park when the fountain was still functioning, most people admitted that they didn’t use the park today.”

Smith also noted at that time that the observation tower had been closed for many years and the lighting system on the space frame had not been maintained. Today, a strong association with urban renewal and the failed Southeast Loop Plan, a general lack of appreciation of the aesthetic of the 1970s, and a recent history of abandonment and vandalism have limited the use of the park as well as support for the preservation of the original design. Without new public investment in the park, its unique signature elements may continue to deteriorate and, over time, will be lost.

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List of Marvels

Boston City Hall Plaza
Boston, Massachusetts

Estates Drive Reservoir
Oakland, California

Heritage Plaza
Heritage Park
Fort Worth, Texas

Kaiser Roof Garden
Kaiser Center
Oakland, California

Lake Elizabeth
Allegheny Commons
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Manhattan Square Park
Rochester, New York

Mill Creek Canyon

Kent, Washington

Miller Garden
Columbus, Indiana

El Monte
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Pacific Science
Center Courtyard

Seattle, Washington

San Francisco, California

Peavey Plaza
Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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