Landslide 2023

The Cultural Landscape Foundation

This year’s Landslide, TCLF’s annual thematic report and digital exhibition about threatened and at-risk landscapes and landscape features, is a departure from our norm. On the occasion of the foundation’s 25th anniversary, we take this opportunity to look retrospectively at 25 individual sites and site groupings featuring some 40 landscapes that have been saved, and to look forward to new opportunities, challenges, and possibilities as TCLF broadens its lens, expands its research, and leverages the public’s expanded interest and understanding in cultural landscapes. Landslide 2023 provides an overview of advocacy and advocates, often working together in strategic partnerships, who over the past quarter century have helped TCLF set the agenda, build public awareness and engagement, empower stewards, get a seat at the table, secure media coverage, and lead the effort to sympathetically manage change at culturally significant sites.