Reflections on James van Sweden

by Charles E. Turner
August 2010

As a long-term friend and associate, I am delighted and honored to share my thoughts in praise of James van Sweden’s remarkable career in landscape design and gardening.

Jim has a great passion for plant materials and other elements of the garden, especially including the “hardscape” that ties his gardens together. This sets the stage visually for a glorious palette of trees, shrubs, grasses, and other garden features.

While on his quest to raise the quality of landscape design and gardening in America and elsewhere, Jim generously shares his concepts and ideas through his many writings and lectures.

I am privileged to have worked closely with Jim as he also shares these ideas through the ongoing series of books he authors. Readers, including homeowners and professionals, gain much from the descriptions of completed gardens and the beautiful drawings and photographs.

Finally, I personally feel rewarded and honored to have observed Jim’s brilliant and natural approach to the art of landscape design.