Civic and Commercial Projects

Townhomes on Capitol Hill

Washington, D.C. • Completed 1998


Oehme, van Sweden & Associates
Wolfgang Oehme
James van Sweden

The mixed-income housing community developed by Telesis was designed to blend with the surrounding Capitol Hill neighborhood. The 134 townhouse-complex, designed by architect Amy Weinstein and completed in 1998, replaced a public housing project open from 1941 to 1988. Oehme, van Sweden & Associates designed the brick sidewalks and alternated canopy trees underplanted with groundcovers with replicas of Washington’s historic streetlights. Front yards were planted with small flowering trees and shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, and other plants.


Jim … has brought his special vision to unexpecting places in America’s urban neighborhoods, changing the less than ordinary into the extraordinary.[1]

Marilyn Melkonian


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  • Capitol Hill
    Washington, D.C. 20006


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[1] “A brief reflection on James van Sweden by Marilyn Melkonian (President and Founder of Telesis Corporation), August 2010,”, last modified October 2, 2010.