Susan Rademacher, co-author with Wolfgang Oehme and James van Sweden of Bold Romantic Gardens, reflects on the two landscape architects and the 25th anniversary of the book’s publication. read more

In tandem with the production of the James van Sweden Pioneers Oral History, friends, colleagues and clients provided recollections:

Kurt Bluemel

Hilda Brillembourg

Barbara Whitney Carr, retired President, Chicago Botanic Garden

Barbara Downs

David Ebershoff, Editor-at-Large, Random House Publishing Group

Jason Epstein

Cynthia Hamowy

Kris S. Jarantoski, Executive Vice President & Director, Chicago Botanic Garden

Raymond Kaskey, sculptor

Chip Knight

Marilyn Melkonian

Carole Rosenberg

Sunny Jung Scully

Suman Sorg

Rosita Trinca

Charles E. Turner