The Cultural Landscape Foundation
Conference: Second Wave of Modernism II,  Landscape Complexity and Transformation (November 18, 2011 in NYC)

Jane Amidon

Ms. Amidon is Professor and Director of the Urban Landscape Program at Northeastern University. She is the founding principal of Amidon design communication, a practice examining the intersection of urban and natural systems. She is the founding series editor for Source Books in Landscape Architecture. She lectures and has authored books and articles on contemporary landscape issues, including: “Eclogue for the Metropolis: Entrepreneurial Environments” in PRAXIS Journal; “Big Nature,” in Design Ecologies (Tilder and Blostein, eds., 2009); “Mill Race Park: At the Threshold,” in Reconstructing Urban Landscapes (Berrizbeitia, ed., 2009); Moving Horizon: The Landscape Architecture of Kathryn Gustafson and Partners (Birkhauser, 2005); Radical Landscapes (Thames and Hudson, 2001).

Bridge Park Site Plan Proposal, Buzzards Bay, MA. Image courtesy of Amidon design communication

Jane Amidon Landscape