This year’s Landslide report was made possible by many people who contributed their time, energy, and talent to this endeavor.

Foremost are the passionate advocates who successfully nominated the Landslide sites.  Their ongoing stewardship of these threatened cultural landscapes is inspirational.

Thank You...

Bronx Community College (and Judith Eisenberg)
Coral Gables Museum (and Malcolm Lauredo)
Georgia Virtual History Project (and Dr. Christopher Lawton)
Japanese American Confinement Site Consortium (and Brian Liesinger)
Lynching Sites Project of Memphis (and Jessica Orians)
North Carolina State University, Department of Landscape Architecture
  (and Profs. Andrew Fox and Kofi Boone, along with Lindsay Naylor and Virginia Fall) 
Save Druid Heights (and Michael Toivonen)
Save Muny (and Robert Ozer)
Washington County (New York) Historical Society (and Debi Craig)
West Virginia Mine Wars Museum (and Dr. Charles Keeney)


Thanks also to the many photographers and photojournalists who gave their time and talent to bring each site to life visually—their names appear in the captions of the images they provided free of charge, which play a vital role in communicating the significance of these sites and what is at risk of being lost. We are especially grateful for the work of Tom Fox, Carl Juste, and Clifford Oliver in that regard. Finally, we are also grateful to our media sponsor, Landscape Architecture Magazine, and for our continuing relationship with Oviatt Media, which designed this website.