The Throughlines

The Landslide 2021 sites have several common qualities or characteristics that assist in understanding their respective histories. Referred to as “throughlines” these characteristics also offer guidance for the future stewardship of each site and our broader legacy of cultural landscapes.

Spatial Nostalgia

For those cultural landscapes that no longer possess physical and tangible evidence of the past, how are memories visualized? Where is longing to be placed? Many forms of living and non-living landscape features can provide a connection to place that transcends what is seen only in a glance.

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Establishing and advancing the dominance of one culture over another through erasure has been a tactic of war, colonization, and oppression for most of human history, and it has supported an American narrative for centuries. Cultural landscapes have the unique ability to help us reveal eradicated, hidden, and lesser-known stories.

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Amplifying Community Voices

By understanding and leveraging the expertise of residents and community-based groups, landscape architects engage community members to develop site-specific solutions. Hands-on planning produces results that are responsive to community assets, needs, and desires.

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Redefining Integrity

As evidenced throughout our history, time is not the only test facing a historic site, and human achievements are not all gained, perceived, or acknowledged equally. We have the opportunity -- and obligation -- to expand our understanding of the historic significance and integrity of individual sites and their treatment, and of cultural landscapes in general.

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Landslide Program

The goal of Landslide® is to draw immediate and lasting attention to threatened cultural landscapes.

Landslide  sparks debate, revealing the value of places we experience daily and encouraging informed community-based stewardship. Landslide monitors at-risk landscapes and produces annual thematic reports to help save our shared landscape legacy for future generations. Through web-based news stories, traveling exhibitions, technical assistance, and print publications, Landslide mobilizes and amplifies support for that legacy at the local, state, and national level.

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