Peavey Plaza, Minneapolis, MN

2008: Marvels of Modernism

2008: Marvels of Modernism
2008: Marvels of Modernism -


Modernist landscapes with boomerang curves, reservoirs inspired by Joan Miro paintings, animated fountains, soaring roof gardens, geometric earthworks, futuristic fair grounds, and sunken and expansive plazas all became celebrated design elements during the nation’s massive post-World War II development.

These experimental and innovative expressions became a catalyst for inserting Modern design sensibilities into newly minted public and private spaces. During this period, designers, their clients, and patrons utilized revolutionary and experimental materials and subdued transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces to infuse Modern forms into classic sensibilities. However, until recently, many of these designs have been misunderstood and under appreciated.

To draw attention to these irreplaceable works, Landslide® 2008: Marvels of Modernism, spotlights our diverse postwar garden and landscape heritage.