Garland Farm Terrace Garden

2012: Landscape and Patronage

Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC - Photo © Allen Russ, 2012


American history is replete with visionary, inspired and willful patrons who supported and shaped beloved and nationally significant estates, parks, plazas and other civic amenities across the country.

The Cultural Landscape Foundation announces the 2012 Landslide®: Landscape and Patronage. Landslide, the annual thematic compendium of threatened and at-risk landscapes, in 2012 focuses on visionary patrons and organizations and the sites they helped create. The goal is to celebrate their accomplishments and inspire new generations of patrons and philanthropists. The landscapes that surround us everyday shape our communities and the people living in them.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception 
Patron: Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington
Burlington, VT

Fern Dell
Patron: Colonel Griffith J. Griffith
Los Angeles, CA

Garland Farm
Patron: Beatrix Farrand
Mount Desert, ME

Hannah Carter Japanese Garden
Patron: Edward Carter
Los Angeles, CA

Patron: Walter and Marion Beck
Millbrook, NY

Isham Park
Patron: Julia Isham Taylor
New York, NY

Jack London Lake
Patron: Jack London
Glen Ellen, CA

Jones Beach
Patron: Robert Moses
Wantagh, NY

Nasher Sculpture Garden
Patron: Raymond and Patsy Nasher
Dallas, TX

Pennsylvania Avenue
Patron: Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation
Washington, DC

Riverbank Park
Patron: Army Corps of Engineers
Flint, MI

Thieme Drive
Patron: Theodore F. Thieme
Fort Wayne, IN