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San Francisco, CA

The post 1970s era gave birth to Disco music, architectural whimsy, and unprecedented municipal investment in master-designed, urban public spaces. This free three-part series in partnership with The Cultural Landscape Foundation will look at the unique, surprising, and quirky aspects of our Postmodern landscapes and architecture, including an exclusive virtual tour of one of San Francisco's most significant privately-owned public plazas of the 20th century, the Embarcadero Center. 

  • Part 1: “Prince and Paisley Park – Architecture, Music, and History” | Apr. 13, 12 - 1 PM (FREE and recorded)
  • Part 2: “PoMo in POPOS: A Virtual Tour” | Apr. 20, 12 - 1 PM (FREE and recorded)
  • Part 3: “Post-war Plazas” | Apr. 27, 12 - 1 PM (FREE and recorded)

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