Spotlight on the Garden: Goddard's Greatwood Gardens

Master landscape architect Arthur Shurcliff designed Greatwood Gardens for William S. Martin's Greatwood Farm, including the Formal and Rose Gardens (ca.1908) and the Upper Garden (ca.1918).

In 1938, the Goddard Seminary moved to Greatwood Estate and became Goddard College , which now provides intensive residency programs at the BA, MA, and MFA levels. The Goddard College Greatwood Estate Campus was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999. Goddard College's President, Board, and Facilities Director are aware of the historic significance of the Greatwood Campus and are committed to restoring it. Public recognition of Shurcliff's Greatwood Gardens will help to validate and encourage these garden preservation efforts - an especially important endeavor in Vermont, a state with very few historic estate garden landscapes.

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