Spotlight on the Garden: Latham Park



Benjamin and Elizabeth Latham retired from farming in 1899 and moved their three children to the Morningside area in Sioux City.

Later, their two sons built the Latham Park home, which they completed in 1916. Today, Latham Park, including the house and grounds, is nearly one acre in size and comprises the northern half of a city residential block. The traditional design of the grounds has been faithfully maintained. However, after many years, rising costs and dwindling trust assets have put the future of the park in jeopardy. Community members and Friends of Latham Park have been generous. Ultimately, however, it will require approximately $750,000 to build an endowment that returns $20,000 for ongoing maintenance and restoration needs - otherwise, Latham Park is in danger of being subdivided and sold to developers.

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