What's Out There Weekends

Lawrence Halprin's Legacy: Babi Yar Park

Denver, CO

Guide: Tina Bishop, ASLA 

Bishop is a founding partner of the award-winning Denver-based landscape architecture firm Mundus Bishop. The firm spearheaded the rehabilitation of Babi Yar Park in 2011.

Completed in 1982, this 27-acre memorial park was designed by Lawrence Halprin and Satoru Nishita to commemorate the victims of the 1941-1943 Nazi massacre of Ukrainian Jews and others in Kiev. The memorial is laid out around a centralized pathway configured as a Star of David, with three distinct architectural features – an amphitheater, a grove, and a ravine.

Bishop will guide the group through the memorial, speak about the process of successfully rehabilitating a historic landscape, and lead a discussion on the importance of the landscape. This tour is offered in conjunction with a tour of Skyline Park. Participants may register for one or both tours.

This tour is part of a larger program intended to celebrate the life and legacy of landscape architect Lawrence Halprin. Learn more about the program and view other tours by returning to the event page for What's Out There Weekend: The Public Landscapes of Lawrence Halprin.