Haas Promenade
What's Out There Weekends

Lawrence Halprin's Legacy: Haas and Sherover Promenades


Guide: Barbara Aronson, Landscape Architect & Judy Green, Landscape Architect

Aronson is a partner at Shlomo Aronson Architects in Jerusalem, where she has been managing landscape design, planning, and transportation projects for over twenty years.

Green is a landscape architect and worked as project lead at the promenades. She was also a Senior Teaching Fellow at Technion, the Isreal Institute of Technology. 

The Haas Promenade, named in honor of philanthropic members of the Levi Strauss family, was designed by Lawrence Halprin and Shlomo Aronson and completed in 1987. The Sherover Promenade, connected to the Haas Promenade via a grand staircase, was designed by Shlomo Aronson in 1989.

Barbara Aronson and Judy Green will guide the group along the Haas Promenade, down the grand stair, and along the Sherover Promenade. Drawing upon her intimate knowledge of the site and personal relationships with the design team, they will discuss the history of the landscape, the different design processes used by Halprin and Shlomo, the concept behind the plantings at Sherover Promenade, and the lasting significance of the site.   

This tour is part of a larger program intended to celebrate the life and legacy of landscape architect Lawrence Halprin. Learn more about the program and view other tours by returning to the event page for What's Out There Weekend: The Public Landscapes of Lawrence Halprin.