Garden Dialogue 2019: Greenwich, CT

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Garden Dialogue 2019: Greenwich, CT

Garden Dialogue 2019: Greenwich, CT
Jun 22, 2019
Greenwich, CT
United States

The Harbor Residence project saw the transformation of an early 1980s waterfront “transitional shingle style” home situated on a site with 360-degree views of Greenwich Cove.  This renovation was designed to highlight waterfront views and reflect the landscape’s essence throughout the interior; it’s also a showcase for the owner’s collection of contemporary art. Guests access the landscape through a small, private, garden entrance that strategically directs one’s view to the harbor vista. An infinity pool and patio tie the new architectural features to the existing landscape. A boathouse and dock complete the final extension of the property onto the Long Island Sound.

Harbor Residence, Greenwich, CT - Photo courtesy Hollander Design | Landscape Architects, 2013

The project, which was undertaken by architect Joeb Moore, a board member of The Cultural Landscape Foundation, won Connecticut Cottages & Gardens Innovation in Design Award in Architecture. As the magazine’s editors noted, “Central to the project is the fact and idea of landscape, and of the permeability of constructed boundaries between inside and outside: a topic that has engaged and infuriated homeowners, architects and landscape designers ever since the first bit of bearskin was hung over a prehistoric cave entrance.

Harbor Residence, Greenwich, CT - Photo courtesy Joeb Moore & Partners, 2019

"Here, Moore sees it most in the way the house moves from a front entrance framed with a wood fence and courtyard trees to a bright open glass-walled interior, and then to a series of steps down through artificial water (the swimming pool) to less artificial water (the overflow from the swimming pool) to natural water (the harbor). Buttressing that sectional and almost processional clarity are what Moore calls the liminal spaces. These include a series of covered outdoor spaces—such as the one just off the living room, separated from the landscape with a series of wood slat panes—or the way in which that slat pattern is repeated on the second-story art-covered hallway’s blinds.”

This event will include the architect, Joeb Moore of Joeb Moore & Partners Architects, the landscape architect, Maryanne Connelly of Hollander Design | Landscape Architects, and the art consultants, Courtney and Lowell Pettit of Pettit Art Partners.

2.0 LA CES™ professional development hours will be available to attendees.

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2:00 - 4:00 PM
Harbor Residence
Greenwich, CT 06830
United States