Garden Dialogues

Garden Dialogue 2023: Eucalyptus Hill, CA

Santa Barbara, CA

Located on a south-facing coastal slope, this hillside residential landscape by EPTDESIGN integrates indoor and outdoor spaces while referencing the clients' cultural backgrounds. EPTDESIGN strove to find harmony and balance in the garden, which serves as a place of respite and gathering for extended family members.

Eucalyptus Hill, Santa Barbara, CA - Photo by Manolo Langis

The design team conceived invigorating contrasts in the layout, plant, and material palettes throughout the site. The two-acre property features spectacular views out to the Pacific Ocean in one direction and the Santa Ynez Mountains in the other, and gardens that offer a diverse range of environments, from a peaceful, cloistered courtyard, to an expansive open lawn, and a rustic hillside adorned with olives, California sycamores, tristania, and Canary Island date palms. Outdoor living spaces are located throughout the property, some offering shelter under roofs while others bask in the sun. Throughout the property, golden sandstone surfaces are embellished and softened by coastal chaparral plantings. The site's dense grove of Canary Island date palms, once part of a larger property designed by the Olmsted Brothers, creates an exotic frame along the site’s northern edge.

Eucalyptus Hill, Santa Barbara, CA - Photo by Manolo Langis

The collaborative team focused on achieving a seamless integration between structure and site. The rectangular pool was designed specifically to complement the expansive view of the Pacific Ocean and Anacapa Island in the distance. At certain magical moments, it also becomes a mirror that reflects the sky. At ground level, a tapestry of natives and adapted species receive supplemental water as needed from a 30,000-gallon rainwater catchment system. The central courtyard is designed to attract birds with a rich weave of chitalpa trees, Jerusalem sage, Mexican sage, variegated liriope, aloe vera and more.

This Garden Dialogue  will be led by Nord Eriksson, ASLA

1.5 LA CES™ professional development hours will be available to attendees.

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