Garden Dialogues

Garden Dialogues 2021: The Hamptons, NY

Wainscott, NY

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Georgica Property Site Plan
Georgica Property Site Plan - Courtesy Abby Lawless

Edwina von Gal was originally hired to connect the existing site, with two houses, to an adjacent property with an additional house facing a different street.  The houses and property were old and "wonderful" according to von Gal, but the landscape was missing coherence. Without losing the casual feeling that the clients preferred, over the last 10+ years Abby Lawless and von Gal have created a more functional sense of space and added a number of amenities. The large property is rambling and full of surprises. Although the deer are increasingly challenging, the plantings are exuberant. 

Georgica Property, Hamptons, NY
Georgica Property, Hamptons, NY - Photos by Allan Pollack-Morris, courtesy Edwina von Gal and Abby Lawless

In addition to the flower, meadows, cutting and vegetable gardens, unexpected components such as wedding gardens, a historic cottage saved from demolition, and Root Sequence. Mother Tongue, an art installation from the Whitney Biennial have been added. Starting in 2012 a commitment was made to zero synthetic chemicals, recently that commitment was extended to nature-based land care with a full-on composting operation that repurposes all the biomass that the place produces.  Nothing organic goes to the landfill.   

Georgica Property, Hamptons, NY
Georgica Property, Hamptons, NY - Photos courtesy Edwina von Gal and Abby Lawless

The clients are closely involved with all decisions. They have come to recognize the importance of seeing the landscape as an integral part of their life and accept it as a relationship that is never done, it grows with their children and grandchildren and responds as both they and von Gal and Lawless continue to learn how to do it well.  As von Gal puts it, “This is the perfect job.”   

This Garden Dialogue will be led by Edwina von Gal and Abby Clough Lawless, and introduction by Brian Sawyer FASLA, PRFCT Earth Board Member. Refreshments will be provided. 

The Georgica Property is part of Perfect Earth Project's initiative Two Thirds for the Birds. Focused on restoring the bird population in the US, this initiative empowers and inspires homeowners, gardeners and landscapers to plant two native plants for every three, to stop using pesticides and to remove invasives. Perfect Earth Project was founded by Edwina von Gal. Follow @234birds and visit to learn more and be part of the solution.

1.5 LA CES™ professional development hours will be available to attendees.


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