Garden Dialogues

Garden Dialogues 2024: Sonoma, CA

Occidental, CA

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Register now to explore The Mighty Arrow Ranch – a family foundation, residence, writer’s retreat, and regenerative farm in West Sonoma County, California. The vast and multifunctional landscape includes ornate gardens and courtyards, orchards, agricultural land, woodlands, and more. Learn from landscape architect Story Wiggins of TERREMOTO and the property/farm manager and land steward Tynes Viar how the landscape prioritizes connectivity and cohesiveness while preserving the rural quality of the site.

Mighty Arrow Ranch, Occidental, CA - Plan courtesy TERREMOTO, 2023

Much of the 86-acre property is forested, with the developed area consisting of open grassland, oak woodland, and agricultural land. A 1920s farmhouse and various outbuildings are preserved on site, and a garden and orchard are being developed at the core while two new buildings were sited and designed by MAD Architecture.

Mighty Arrow Ranch, Occidental, CA - Photo courtesy TERREMOTO, 2023

TERREMOTO’s design aims to embed intimate spaces and gardens into this large, complex, mixed-use landscape. The cutting garden and main residence courtyard offer ornate and whimsical moments. Planting palettes are largely regionally native, with an emphasis on hyper local species.

Mighty Arrow Ranch
Mighty Arrow Ranch, Occidental, CA - Photo courtesy TERREMOTO, 2023

TERREMOTO’s design is but a small part of this project. The landscape was installed by Manuel Fernandez Landscaping and is being maintained by Israel Rojas and his crew, while the entirety of the property is stewarded by Tynes Viar and his team. 



TERREMOTO is a landscape architecture design studio with offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. TERREMOTO creates site-specific landscapes that respond to client needs while simultaneously challenging historical and contemporary landscape construction methods, materials, and formal conventions. 

Story Wiggins is a landscape architect with a background in historic preservation and land stewardship. Story joined TERREMOTO’s San Francisco office in 2016, where she leads projects of various scales and types, including high-end residential, commercial, and institutional.


1.5 LA CES™ professional development hours will be available to attendees.


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