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Karyn Seltzer - Director of Operations and Initiatives

Posted: Aug 07, 2019

Karyn Tori Seltzer implements strategies and tactics to maximize TCLF’s operations and to advance special initiatives. She brings broad executive and senior managerial expertise from the worlds of publishing, media, education, theatre arts, restaurants and hospitality, and health and wellness. Her experience incorporates business development, customer and stakeholder relationships, strategic partnerships, contract negotiations, fund development, educational outreach, advertising sales, service marketing, branding, theatre production, arts management, ethical leadership, collaborative team building, and running multimillion-dollar, independent and corporate restaurants. Her business practices focus on understanding and facilitating strategic connections to promote the health and well-being of individuals and diverse communities and incorporate her passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship. Karyn has enduring ties to rural New England, where her work on community-based economic development projects has given her a deeper appreciation for family farms, protected land trusts, and historic sites. Other recent endeavors include founding a critically acclaimed healthful-food business and teaching restaurant business and hospitality management at the Institute of Culinary Education. Karyn has a B.A. in psychology and anthropology from Syracuse University.