O'Neil Ford Civic Center Courtyard, Denton, TX
O'Neil Ford Civic Center Courtyard, Denton, TX



United States

O'Neil Ford Civic Center Courtyard

Designed in 1967 along with the accompanying City Hall, both by Texas architect O’Neil Ford, this rectangular sunken courtyard complements the circular building. Situated in the historic Quakertown Park and framed on three sides by City Hall, the fourth is open to East McKinney Street. The sunken courtyard is shaded by live oaks and dotted with naturalistic plantings of hydrangeas, daylilies, and eastern redbuds. Open to the courtyard, the portico surrounding City Hall features horizontal vigas supported on concrete columns, Saltillo tile, ceramic light features by Beau Mood, and hand-carved wooden doors executed by Ford’s brother Lynn. Comprised of brick pavers, the rectangular interior of the courtyard is surrounded with sloping earthen embankments and brick steps leading up to the portico. The courtyard, which includes modern benches and trash receptacles, provides public space for a variety of functions and is also utilized for the display of sculpture. In 2008-2009, landscape architects with the City of Denton upgraded the site drainage and brought the courtyard into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

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