Pudong Xinqu,

Shanghai Shi


Shanghai Houtan Park

Located between the curving, south bank of the Huangpu River and an expressway, this approximately 35-acre, linear park was designed in 2007 for the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Turenscape transformed the site, a brownfield, occupied by a steel factory and shipyard, into a flood resilient park that actively treats contaminated river water. The park features an approximately one mile-long, designed wetland that flows west to east. The wetland includes cascades and terraces, intended to provide diverse ecological functions and visual interest. Inspired by Chinese agricultural landscapes, riparian terraces were established along the steep slope between the expressway and the river to slow the movement of water. The terraces are planted with crops and wetland plant materials, including dawn redwood and bamboo, which act as vegetative screens.

Pedestrian walkways navigate both sides of the wetland, accessed from multiple locations along the park’s periphery. The northern, river adjacent portion of the park includes earthen paths while the southern, features wooden boardwalks sited at different elevations. The southernmost path is edged by a linear, red bench, recalling Qinhuangdao Red Ribbon Park, designed two years earlier. Select boardwalks lead to distinct enclosures and sculptural elements, including a steel pavilion, fabricated with materials found on site, which provides shade and frames views. Vernacular industrial remnants and artifacts are integrated into the park’s design, including its tea house. This former factory, painted red and white, serves as a focal point, drawing visitors from a distance. The project received the American Society of Landscape Architects’ Award of Excellence in 2010.

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