Orson Adams House Rehabilitated

The Bureau of Landmanagement has recently rehabilitated the mid-19th century Mormon pioneer residence, the Orson Adams House, for adaptive re-use. This small sandstone masonry house was built in 1863 for the Orson B. Adams family, in the now abandoned Mormon agricultural settlement of Harrisburg. Critical to the successful completion of the rehabilitation project were partnerships with Washington County, the Utah Heritage Foundation, and the National Trust for Historic Preservation; technical assistance from the Utah State Historic Preservation Office; and volunteer labor during several phases of the project.

The Orson Adams House is located just off Interstate 15, 14 miles northeast of St. George, Utah.  Follow the signs to the Red Cliffs Recreation Area. Visitors are welcome to view the exterior of the home and its grounds, however the interior is not yet available to the public. The Adams house will be open for public visitation in the future, with volunteer docents helping to interpret the rich heritage and natural resources of the region.

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