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Lawrence Halprin Oral History

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Creating landscapes for over 60 years, Halprin designed spaces that brought his knowledge and love of nature, movement, and social ideas into urban spaces.

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Video Clips are divided into three categories: BIOGRAPHY, DESIGN, and PROJECTS 

Each clip is between 1 and 7 minutes long.

Interview: Lawrence Halprin was interviewed in March 2003, and March and December 2008 by Charles A. Birnbaum at the Office of Lawrence Halprin (initially on Battery Street in San Francisco and later in Larkspur, California); the Halprin home and dance deck in Kentfield, California; and Sea Ranch, California and on-site at locations in and around San Francisco.

Lawrence Halprin Oral History Transcript


Reflections: Following Larry Halprin’s death on October 25, 2009, TCLF contacted clients and associates of the Office of Lawrence Halprin requesting they share their memories of Larry. Many responded enthusiastically. In addition to these letters, we have included eulogies from Halprin’s December 20 memorial service in San Francisco, by Charles A. Birnbaum, Donlyn Lyndon, John Parsons and Jahan Khalighi, Halprin’s grandson. 

Lawrence Halprin Reflections


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