1890 - 1982

Philip Trammell Shutze


Born in Columbus, Georgia, Philip Trammell attended Georgia Tech, graduating in 1912 with a B.S. in Architecture, and Columbia University, where he attained the degree of Bachelor of Architecture in 1913. Upon his graduation he became a faculty member at Georgia Tech and joined the firm Hentz, Reid and Adler.

In 1915 Shutze won the Prix de Rome and traveled to Italy where he became a fellow at the American Academy in Rome. His thesis took him on an extensive tour of Italy researching fodder for his designs. These travels significantly influenced his career as a landscape architect.

In 1919 Shutze returned to the States, where he worked for several firms before rejoining Hentz Reid and Adler. Following the death of Reid in 1926, Adler partnered with Shutze and Hentz to create Hentz, Adler and Shutze. In 1944, when Hentz retired, William Armistead joined the practice, which took on the new name of Shutze, Armistead and Adler, until Adler’s death in 1945. Shutze and Armistead continued to work together until 1950, when Armistead retired. In 1951 Shutze was made a fellow of the American Institute of Architects. He retired from private practice in 1958. His designs are notable for their formal vocabulary and for creating linkages between the house and the landscape. His noteworthy projects include Swan House in Buckhead, Georgia, and the Patterson-Carr House and garden in Atlanta.