Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Sally S. Boasberg (in memoriam)

Posted: Sep 24, 2019

Statement: This gift honors my wife, Sally Boasberg (1937–2012), in the name of the Boasberg family. Cornelia is a pioneering woman in landscape design and architecture, as was Sally. They knew each other well. Sally was the founding chairperson of The Cultural Landscape Foundation. She was instrumental in launching TCLF and presided over its initial growth and development into the foremost organization in its field. Sally was also a dogged advocate for the District of Columbia’s green spaces, forming Green Spaces for DC, which drew attention to the plight of the city's neglected tree canopy. She was a board member of the Friends of the National Arboretum, where the flowering tree walk at the heart of the Arboretum was named in her honor. She was a former board chairman of the American Horticultural Society as well. Were Sally alive today, she would be honored to honor Cornelia, her fellow landscape practitioner and advocate.

                                        —Tersh Boasberg, September 19, 2019



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