Kreitman Plaza in Israel - Photo by Charles Birnbaum, 2011

Shlomo Aronson Oral History

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On lands with thousands of years of history, landscape architect Shlomo Aronson has spent more than forty years helping to shape the modern nation of Israel.

His body of work demonstrates an undeniable design brilliance that balances nature and culture and a great reverence for the concept of change and continuity.

Oral History Framework

Video Clips are divided into three categories: BIOGRAPHY, DESIGN, and PROJECTS

Each clip is between 30 seconds and 5 minutes long.

Interview: Shlomo Aronson was interviewed on December 5-12, 2011 by Charles A. Birnbaum at his home and office in Ein Gedi (outside Jerusalem), and on site at projects in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and selected project sites across Israel. Also interviewed were Aronson principals Ittai Aronson and Barbara Aronson who reflect on Aronson’s design legacy and discuss the direction of landscape architecture today.


Reflections: The work of the Aronson has shaped the landscape of Israel for more than forty years. The Cultural Landscape Foundation contacted former associates, colleagues, family and friends to share their stories.


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