Stuart O. Dawson Oral History

As a Founding Principal at Sasaki, Stuart O. Dawson’s career encompassed hundreds of projects for university campuses, museums, resorts, and corporate headquarters.

But it was his love of water and waterfronts which inspired him to reclaim these now cherished urban environments throughout the country.

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Video Clips are divided into three categories; BIOGRAPHY, DESIGN, and PROJECTS

Each clip is between 30 seconds and 6 minutes long.

Interview: Stuart O. Dawson was interviewed in June 2009 by Charles A. Birnbaum, FASLA, FAAR at the Sasaki office in Watertown, and at sites in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. An additional interview with Stuart Dawson, Ellen Dawson and Byron Matthews, conducted by Shirley Veenema occurs on July 9th in Newburyport.

Stuart O. Dawson Oral History Transcript


Reflections: Collaboration is a hallmark of the Sasaki practice. In a practice which has spanned more than fifty years, Dawson has designed many notable projects. Personal relationships with friends, clients and associated professionals have been developed over those years. The Cultural Landscape Foundation contacted many of them and asked them to share their reflections.

Stuart O. Dawson Reflections


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