What's Out There Weekend Miami

What's Out There Miami Guidebook

Explore Miami and South Florida's remarkable landscape legacy with the What's Out There Miami booklet.

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Our profusely illustrated 56-page What’s Out There Miami guidebook explores 34 different sites. Easy-to-use maps and concisely written narratives provide excellent introductions to historically significant examples of landscape architecture in the area. South Florida’s landscape legacy extends from its Spanish Colonial roots to the present, where strong Modernist, Beaux Arts and Mediterranean design concepts from Europe and the Eastern U.S. are expressed in unique gardens, parks, plazas, estates, and streetscapes.  Boom and bust cycles triggered by devastating hurricanes and economic fluctuations have resulted in a lasting Mediterranean-inspired design legacy throughout the region. The guidebook highlights South Florida's design development with essays about Vizcaya, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, and Little Havana among many other sites.

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