What's Out There Weekend New York City

What's Out There New York City Guidebook

Explore New York City's rich landscape legacy with the What's Out There New York City guidebook.

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Our new profusely illustrated 50-page What’s Out There New York City guidebook covers 31 different sites throughout New York’s five boroughs. An easy-to-use maps and crisply written narratives provide excellent introductions to two centuries of the city’s designed landscapes, including the great civic spaces at Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park; Bob Zion’s original “vest pocket park” at Manhattan’s Paley Park; the unique urban design of Sunnyside Gardens in Queens; and in the Bronx, Wave Hill’s majestic views of the Hudson River and Woodlawn Cemetery’s unmatched romance and remarkable memorials designed by some of the nation’s great architects and landscape architects.

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