“Masks for Unity” Online Auction, June 15-29 – “Social Distantancing Does Not Mean Anti-Social” – Design Professionals Create Unique Masks in Response to Global Pandemic

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“Masks for Unity” Online Auction, June 15-29 – “Social Distantancing Does Not Mean Anti-Social” – Design Professionals Create Unique Masks in Response to Global Pandemic

“Masks for Unity” Online Auction, June 15-29 – “Social Distantancing Does Not Mean Anti-Social” – Design Professionals Create Unique Masks in Response to Global Pandemic
Jun 08, 2020

Media Contact: Nord Wennerstrom | T: 202.483.0553  | M: 202.225.7076 | E: nord@tclf.org

More than 40 design professionals create masks to support The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Washington, D.C. (June 8, 2020) – The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) today announced “Masks for Unity,” an online auction of masks designed by landscape architects, architects and other design professionals that will take place June 15-29, 2020. Blank unadorned white pleated cotton masks were handmade by Alissa Ujie Diamond, a doctoral student in the Program in the Constructed Environment at the University of Virginia. More than 40 design professionals were invited to transform the blank white cotton masks into unique works of art. No restrictions or specifications were imposed. For each mask created for TCLF’s online auction, a mask was made and donated to MASK UP in Charlottesville, VA, and to essential workers. The online auction will benefit TCLF’s educational and advocacy initiatives. Bidders can register today.

“As landscape architect Ken Smith wrote: ‘Social distantancing does not mean anti-social,’” said Charles A. Birnbaum, TCLF’s President and CEO. “We hope that these masks – whether through humor or solemnity – provide a common, unifying bond during this challenging period of great turmoil.”

Bidding in the “Masks for Unity” auction will begin on Monday, June 15, 2020, and will conclude on Monday, June 29, 2020. Bidding will be conducted exclusively online – Register Today. Bidding starts at $100 per mask.

A digital auction gallery guide includes photographs of each mask, artists’ statements, and biographies. 

The participating design professionals:

  • Tiffany Beamer, OLIN
  • Kofi Boone, North Carolina State College of Design
  • Pamela Burton, Pamela Burton & Company, and Richard Hertz
  • Robert “Bob” Chipman, Robert Chipman Landscape Architect
  • Shane Coen, Coen+Partners
  • Stuart “Stu” Dawson, Sasaki
  • Michelle Jeffery Delk, Snøhetta
  • Angela Dye, A Dye Design
  • Gina Ford, Agency Landscape + Planning
  • Frederick Fisher, Frederick Fisher and Partners
  • M. Paul Friedberg, MPF&P, and Dorit Shahar
  • Adriaan Geuze, West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture, and the West 8 Design Studio
  • Lisa Gimmy, Lisa Gimmy Landscape Architecture
  • Deb Guenther and Dakota Keene, Mithun
  • Ron Henderson, IIT College of Architecture
  • Gary Hilderbrand, Reed-Hilderbrand
  • Walter Hood, Hood Design Studio
  • William “Bill” Johnson, University of Michigan (ret.)
  • Mark Johnson, Civitas
  • Phoebe Lickwar, FORGE Landscape Architecture
  • Joeb Moore, Joeb Moore & Partners
  • Oehme van Sweden
  • Laurie Olin, OLIN
  • James Richards, University of Texas at Arlington
  • Mark Rios and Nate Cormier, RIOS
  • Martha Schwartz, Martha Schwartz Partners
  • Ken Smith, Ken Smith Workshop
  • Lauren and Stephen Stimson, STIMSON
  • Christine Ten Eyck, Ten Eyck Landscape Architects
  • Victor F. “Trey” Trahan III, Trahan Architects
  • Susan Van Atta, Van Atta Associates, Inc., and Ken Radtkey, Blackbird Architects, Inc.
  • Michael Vergason, Michael Vergason Landscape Architects, Ltd.
  • Edwina von Gal, Edwina von Gal + Co
  • Marion Weiss and Michael Manfredi, Weiss/Manfredi
  • Marcel Wilson, Bionic
  • Sara Zewde, Studio Zewde

TCLF’s programming, including “Masks for Unity,” is made possible by lead sponsors ABC Stone, Bartlett Tree ExpertsVermont Quarries Corp., and Victor Stanley.

About The Cultural Landscape Foundation

The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1998 to connect people to places. TCLF educates and engages the public to make our shared landscape heritage more visible, identify its value, and empower its stewards. Through its website, publishing, lectures, and other events, TCLF broadens support and understanding for cultural landscapes. TCLF is also home to the Cornelia Hahn Oberlander International Landscape Architecture Prize.

Mask images (at top):

Top row, left to right: Phoebe Lickwar, Chasmanthium Latifolium; Kofi Boone, Not Yet Ancestors: Talking Mask (detail); Gina Ford, Her-oglyphics; Ken Smith, Flower Mask.

Bottom row, left to right: Joeb Moore, Dancing Bees and Flowers; Tiffany Beamer Hope Blooms; James Richards, People are Interconnected; Ken Smith, Flower Mask.

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