Claude Cormier Oral History

Landscape architect Claude Cormier, the creative force behind some of Canada’s most beloved, joyous, and critically acclaimed public spaces, will be the subject of the nineteenth oral history in the award-winning Pioneers Oral History Project series.

The Cormier oral history will be comprised of approximately two dozen clips totaling some 90 minutes that will cover his background, design philosophy, and significant built work (a rough cut excerpt is below). Pending support, the current plans call for the release of the oral history in the second quarter of 2024.

In August 2023, Cormier was videotaped at his home and office in Montreal; he passed away on September 15. Subsequent location videography covered built projects in Toronto.

In order to continue production and editing, and complete the oral history, your support is needed.

In this video clip (above), videotaped on August 18, 2023, Claude revisited the principles he recorded in his “Manifesto 2008” – he had not looked at the document in years.