The Cummings Estate, Los Angeles, CA
Garden Dialogues

Garden Dialogues 2022: Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles, CA

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Set within a historic community in Los Feliz, the reimagined landscape for the Cummings Estates was completed in 2019.  The Tudor-style house is the oldest in the area, and the client and architect Chet Callahan restored and expanded it with a modern glass box.  The landscape intent was to bridge the new with the old, as well as activate the entire property with a variety of spaces to use and inhabit by the clients and their two young sons.

The Cummings Estate, Los Angeles, CA
The Cummings Estate, Los Angeles, CA - Photo courtesy Elysian Landscapes, 2020

A garden populated with cool blue foliage, set against a dark limestone path, defines the front procession to the original entry of the home. The path leads to a small plaza, the first of many spaces the clients use for gathering and entertaining.  

A network of paths and trails connect a myriad of spaces throughout the expansive property. An updated swimming pool aligns dramatically with a framed view of the domed Griffith Observatory. The spa was kept separate to create an unexpected destination, reinforced by its sculptural form.

The Cummings Estate, Los Angeles, CA
The Cummings Estate, Los Angeles, CA - Photo courtesy Elysian Landscapes, 2020

A new wing lofted above the ground provided an opportunity to create a pair of stepped planters that flanked a large concrete staircase, finished with black lava stone and filled with jewel-like succulents.

As the endpoint of the garden, a corten steel firepit is frequently used for hang outs and making smores with tree stumps that came from the property and were remade into informal stools. The overall intent was to imbue the property with a sense of wonder, exploration, and discovery.

This Garden Dialogue will be led by Judy Kameon and Dana Bauer from Elysian Landscapes and Chet Callahan the owner/architect. 

1.5 LA CES™ professional development hours will be available to attendees.

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