A Shoreline Re-Imagined, Kirkland, WA
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Garden Dialogues 2022: Seattle, WA

Kirkland, WA

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Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s Composition VIII, this shoreline landscape features a whirling array of shapes and motifs intersected by acute angles and sweeping curves. Rolling new topography, two-hundred feet of reclaimed shoreline, a fescue meadow, and an extensive pebble beach are elegantly arranged to harmoniously connect the home and shoreline while offering a diverse spectrum of spaces designed to accommodate entertaining, relaxing, and connecting with nature.

A Shoreline Re-Imagined, Kirkland, WA
A Shoreline Re-Imagined, Kirkland, WA - Photo by Claire Takacs - courtesy Broadhurst + Associates, 2020

The native Roemer’s Fescue meadow, studded with wild camassia, references regional lowland meadows, now endangered throughout much of Puget Sound. At the meadow’s periphery, plantings start to transition to non-native ornamentals. The foliar effects of Hair Grass persist well into the fall. The recessed Pool Terrace, set within the landform of the meadow, provides extra seating along its circular edge.

After a failing bulkhead and lawn run-off created hostile ecological conditions at this Lake Washington property, the owners and landscape designers seized the opportunity to embrace this interstitial space between land and water as a design inspiration, fostering greater connections between people and nature.

A Shoreline Re-Imagined, Kirkland, WA
A Shoreline Re-Imagined, Kirkland, WA - Photo by Miranda Estes - courtesy Broadhurst + Associates, 2020

This project’s ecological improvements to physical processes, shoreline habitat, and to water quality led to its adoption as a pilot project for the EPA’s regional Green Shores for Homes program (GSH). It is used as an active ‘laboratory’ to fine-tune the GSH program. The new shoreline is a scene composed entirely of native plants. To encourage fish spawning, the beach is comprised of rounded pebbles laid down to re-create how they would naturally sort. The newly created shoreline has brought new life, as evidenced by freshwater mussel shells left by predators. Freshwater crayfish have been discovered in the reeds and otters now make it ashore.

A Shoreline Re-Imagined received a 2020 Honor Award for Residential Design from the American Society of Landscape Architecture.

Refreshments will be provided.

This Garden Dialogue will be led by landscape designer, Paul R. Broadhurst; design associate, Teal Allan; owner, Pam Bendich; and photographer, Ruby Rayne.  

2.5 LA CES™ professional development hours will be available to attendees.

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