Garden Dialogues 2022: Sebastopol, CA

Garden Dialogues

Garden Dialogues 2022: Sebastopol, CA

Garden Dialogues 2022: Sebastopol, CA
Oct 22, 2022
Sebastopol, CA
United States

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Where Agriculture Meets Coastal Woodlands, Sebastopol, CA - Photo by Cesar Rubio, courtesy Longwell MacDonald

The three-acre site is at the intersection of coastal oak woodlands, cultivated vineyards, and Gravenstein apple orchards.  Longwell MacDonald’s design allows coast live oaks trees to reclaim some of the hedgerows and sections of the orchard that have died, while in areas with healthy fruit trees the agricultural history of apple cultivation is being restored and preserved.

Where Agriculture Meets Coastal Woodlands, Sebastopol, CA - Photo by Cesar Rubio, courtesy Longwell MacDonald

The open landscape and spectacular views dictate a design that intervenes with subtlety. The introduction of simple forms and the use of vernacular materials enhance the natural beauty and history of the site. Upon entering the property, the concrete steps, board formed concrete, gravel courtyards, and a wood bench recall the utilitarian materials typical in the farming community. The orthogonal concrete platforms focus the attention on the vineyards in the distance, while highlighting the delicate textures and patterns of lights and shadows created by native grasses. The thoughtful design defines where the farmed and orthogonal patterns of the vineyards and orchard meet the less controlled landscape consisting of live oaks and California fescue. A wood bridge spans a stretch of deer grass leading visitors to the front of the house and its side yards. The concrete walk engages the distant landscape while connecting the entry courtyard to the rear deck, terminating with wood steps leading to the orchard below.

Where Agriculture Meets Coastal Woodlands, Sebastopol, CA - Photo by Cesar Rubio, courtesy Longwell MacDonald

Because of a scarcity of water, the terrain is graded to utilize roof run-off and rainwater as sources of irrigation to meet the water demands of the apple orchard. Water is directed through a shallow swale between the pool and the house, terminating in a deep gravel trench that holds water during heavy rains and slowly releases it to the orchard. Due to disease, neglect, and age, half of the existing Gravenstein apples have been replaced with ‘Red Fuji’ and ‘Pink Lady’ apple varieties grafted to a drought and high temperature resistant rootstock. In the oak woodlands, exotic shrubs were removed and replaced with native California fescue. Native grass and wildflower seed mix reduce the number of invasive non-native plants that covered the site before construction. A cover crop of crimson clover was planted between the fruit trees. After the carpet of red flowers bloom, the legume is tilled into the ground which provides nitrogen to the soil, protects the soil from erosion, and mitigates weeds.

This Garden Dialogue will be led by Jan Longwell, of Longwell MacDonald. 

1.5 LA CES™ professional development hours will be available to attendees, pending approval.

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2:00 - 3:30 PM
Where Agriculture Meets Coastal Woodlands
Sebastopol, CA 95472
United States