Garden Dialogues 2022: Stamford, CT

Garden Dialogues

Garden Dialogues 2022: Stamford, CT

Garden Dialogues 2022: Stamford, CT
Jun 11, 2022
Stamford, CT
United States

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James Doyle, of James Doyle Design Associates, spent seven years creating this garden. Tending this landscape is where he is most at peace, and creating an environment of flora and fauna and sustainability connects him to the natural world. This safe habitat supports an extreme abundance of local insects, pollinators, and wildlife. A keeper of bees and the caretaker to a flock of hens, Doyle is always digging in the dirt and reaping the reward of a large organic, edible garden. Doyle and his wife both enjoy the tranquility and beauty that this landscape brings.

West Hill Farm, Stamford, CT - Photo courtesy James Doyle Design Associates


Simply described, the garden reflects the intersection of nature and art; the juxtaposition of designed and natural; and the marriage of aesthetics and productivity. This design is also very personal and experimental, with bold, contemporary, dynamic gestures in the form of hornbeam, beech, yew and boxwood, and masses of herbaceous plants used to structure the garden spaces. All are designed to emphasize seasonality, color, and light, with these qualities changing from one space to the next. The mixture and diversity of plant life not only creates a visually striking four-season garden, but also support colonies of honeybees and all other creatures that pass through this suburban garden.

West Hill Farm, Stamford, CT - Photo courtesy James Doyle Design


This garden is part private, part public. It is a landscape that others can see, enjoy, examine, or judge as they pass by in the neighborhood. A glimpse of a whimsical sculpture and a passing garden view of this cultivated landscape may instill interest or a connection to nature. In the words of Doyle, “As a gardener, I understand the curative powers of digging in the dirt. I understand that everything we make comes out of the ground, and everything we eat depends on soil and pollinating insects. As a designer, my effort and creativity bring tranquility, beauty, and happiness to others. Landscapes have the power to become our sanctuaries, to be uplifting and relaxing and thought provoking with an appreciation for nature. My goal is to continue to experiment within these spaces and grow and collect plants and enjoy beauty in nature.”

West Hill Farm, Stamford, CT - Photo courtesy James Doyle Design


This Garden Dialogue will be led by James Doyle, owner and landscape designer of the project.

2.0 LA CES™ professional development hours will be available to attendees.

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11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
West Hill Farm
Stamford, CT 06902
United States