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Located on 150 acres amidst agricultural fields and grassy plains adjacent to the South Platte River 50 miles north of Denver, this tree farm was established in 1971 by Jane and Gene Kammerzell. Started as a small garden center and tree nursery, Arborland grew through the following decades as its business shifted from one offering landscape services and young trees to one that supplied mature trees for large estates.

As the collection expanded, Arborland now sits in stark contrast to the surrounding farmlands and open prairie, providing important habitat for wildlife. Numbering more than 12,000 individual plants, orderly rows of trees consist of honey locust, ash, white oak, hawthorn, silver maple, pine, and spruce. Over the years, the orderly forest has acquired the appearance of being both cultivated and wild, a place where the agrarian landscape melds with the natural.

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