Cesar Chavez Park



United States

César E. Chávez Park

Built in 2005 in collaboration with Denver Parks and Recreation, this nearly three-acre park in the Berkeley neighborhood in Denver was constructed on the former Alcott School lot, which had been vacant for almost three decades. Cesar E. Chavez Park was established by the volunteer organization Cesar Chavez Peace and Justice Committee of Denver, whose mission is to educate people about the efforts of late civil rights activist and park namesake Cesar Chavez and his organization, the United Farm Workers of America.  

Located at the corner of 41st Avenue and the historic Tennyson Street, the park is raised a few feet from street level, contained by a concrete seat wall decorated with colorful designs and quotes about labor rights. At the main entrance to the park, on Tennyson Street, shallow concrete steps lead up to the park, past a bust of Chavez, installed in 2015. Recreation amenities including a bocce ball court, basketball courts, ping pong tables, picnic tables, and a playground are located in the southern half of the park while the northern half is dedicated to an expanse of open lawn. A paved walking path circulates the perimeter of the entire park. Pine trees and other conifers planted in naturalistic groupings are interspersed throughout. Multi-family housing and a parking lot border the park to the north. 

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