La Laguna de San Gabriel

San Gabriel, CA
United States
La Laguna de San Gabriel

Landscape Information

Located within Vincent Lugo Park, originally known as Municipal Park, the playground consists of a dozen life-size, concrete play-sculptures designed and built by Benjamin Dominguez, a concrete-artist from Mexico. Designed in accordance with the State of California published interdisciplinary study, Guide for Planning Recreation Parks in California, and opened in 1965, the park was meant to provide a creative and imaginative play experience for park goers. Working with an amoeboid-shaped space, Dominguez experimented with the manner in which the play pieces would interact with each other and the space in which they were placed. The layout of the figures creates a feeling of openness meant to peak the curiosity and exploratory nature of children. At the same time, the playground provided multiple places where parents can supervise their child’s play without interfering.