Austin, TX
United States

Landscape Information

Located three miles northeast of downtown Austin, this 700-acre mixed-use development occupies the site of the former municipal airport. Named for a city commissioner and opened in 1930, the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport served the City of Austin until 1999, when airport services were moved to the decommissioned Bergstrom Air Force Base southeast of the city.

With substantial input from the community, ROMA Design Group prepared a redevelopment master plan on behalf of the City of Austin. Refining and implementing the master plan, RVi Planning + Landscape Architecture worked with McCann-Adams Studio and the City to design and program extensive perimeter greenways (totaling 75 acres), a native prairie, and the 30-acre Lake Park at the center of the development. The park includes an open-air amphitheater, a 6.5-acre pond and promenade, and a loop trail. Adjacent to Lake Park, four residential sections are inspired by Austin’s historic neighborhoods with varied approaches to communal spaces that include centralized and pocket parks as well as garden courtyards. Two commercial areas are delineated as “employment centers,” featuring offices, retail, a medical center, and a 20-acre film studio. North of Lake Park, the town center is developing to include offices, medium-density residential units, restaurants, shops, and entertainment. Tree-lined streets, trails, and dedicated bicycle lanes connect the development’s neighborhoods and extend to surrounding communities and parks. An historic bow-trussed hangar houses a weekly farmer’s market, and the iconic control tower serves as a community landmark.