Prouty Garden, Boston, MA



United States

Prouty Garden

Opened in 1956 and designed by Olmsted Brothers, this healing garden is situated in the heart of Boston Children’s Hospital. Modeled after the walled terrace at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the garden was funded by author Olive Higgins Prouty following the death of her two children. It was completed by landscape architects Shurcliff & Merrill following the initial designs by Olmsted Brothers and was immediately hailed by the Massachusetts Horticultural Society as a significant improvement for the children in the hospital.

Surrounded by hospital buildings, the half-acre green space provides a place for quiet contemplation, discovery, and fresh air. The center of the garden is a small pool and fountain set within an expanse of open lawn Curvilinear concrete paths lead to various bronze animal sculptures hidden throughout the garden, which is planted with seasonal flowers, shrubs and deciduous and evergreen trees along the perimeter. The garden also incorporates a 65-foot tall redwood tree towering among the buildings, while espaliered pyracantha and wisteria soften the brick walls that enclose the space. The garden is maintained by a trust endowed by the Prouty family.

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