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This 450-acre planned community in suburban Omaha is an example of a large and complex mixed-use project built precisely to the concept of land use and environmental quality established in the original master plan. Designed by Sasaki, Walker and Associates, Regency incorporates a strong landscape framework including a 25-acre lake, landscaped streets and boulevards, greenways, recreation facilities, generous entry zones, and neighborhood parks. Along with Regency Park and the Regency Lake and Tennis Club, the neighborhoods feature considerable green space and walking paths.  Regency is now a mature and attractive integrated community both in its residential and non-residential components.

Regency embodies the best of a garden suburb in terms of beauty, variety, recreational opportunities, and convenience.  Apart from the establishment of a high quality physical environment, perhaps the most significant achievement is Regency's ability to combine successful high value single family and multi-family residential neighborhoods with commercial, retail, and office uses. Multi-family residences and commercial buildings cluster around the project's central lake and open space. Residential neighborhoods, recreation areas, and non-residential zones are linked by paved system of pedestrian and bicycling paths.

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