Rosenberg Garden, Long Island, NY

Long Island,


United States

Rosenberg Garden

Situated on the shores of Mecox Bay on Long Island, the .9 acre waterfront garden reflects the natural character of the area while framing the site’s panoramic view. Difficult growing conditions led Oehme van Sweden to create a low-maintenance design of grasses and perennials – their first New American style garden in the Hamptons.

The plan consists of four outdoor rooms connected by walkways, with the vegetable garden possessing the strongest architectural character. The arrival space is defined by a screen of Japanese black pine trees and a densely-planted central oval mound. On the opposite side of the house, the formal terrace and its adjacent open lawn provide a prominent view of the bay that can also be seen from the living and master bedroom. The view is further emphasized by a horizontal row of Pennisetum, with the central lawn extending to the water’s edge, punctuated by circular clusters of Miscanthus that harmonize with nearby aquatic marsh grasses. The ribbon of Pennnisetum connects swaths of perennials around the pool area and vegetable garden. Wide stairs link the meadow terrace to the kidney-shaped pool, which is enclosed by taller grasses and perennials. Outdoor sculpture is strategically located throughout the garden - near the pool, the entry court, and the meadow terrace.

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