Syntex, Palo Alto, CA
Syntex, Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto,


United States


Working closely with MBT Architects, Sasaki Walker and Associates provided site planning and landscape architecture for this 40-acre research campus located in Palo Alto. Beginning in 1967, the firm’s ongoing consultation to Syntex (as SWA Group) has facilitated implementation of the original master plan.

Site work encompassed design and development, including grading, walkways, parking areas, and the design of outdoor court areas with steps that gently structure the space and provide informal seating. A pond surrounded by willow trees and a nearby seating area with cobblestone paving offers a smaller space for a quiet lunchtime retreat. The site also contains a parcourse around the perimeter of the campus that provides employees with opportunities for exercise during the work day.

Public art was a focus of the plan. A Henry Moore sculpture in a quiet interior courtyard,  while several works of art by other major artists are distributed throughout the site. An art gallery is also located in one of the buildings.

Location and Nearby Landscapes

Nearby Landscapes