The Villages, San Jose, CA
The Villages, San Jose, CA

San Jose,


United States

The Villages

The Villages, a comprehensive 1,200-acre adult community in the Evergreen Valley southeast of San Jose, was developed by Guy F. Atkinson Company and Mackay Homes in association with Economics Research Associates, Market and Economic Consultants. Sasaki, Walker Associates, Landscape Architects, were consultants to the owner for site analysis and a master site development plan to combine the valley land and steep hillsides. Begun in 1966, the original 227 single-family homes shared greenway spaces in common. The community now consists of 3,500 cluster residential units around an 18-hole golf course, 1,500 garden apartment units and 1,000 custom hillside homes, as well as community shopping and recreation facilities. The golf course was used as a greenway to create a series of residential “villages”.

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