Love Park

Located in Harbourplace, this two-acre, roughly square park, framed by high-rise residential and commercial towers was completed in 2023. Designed by Claude Cormier + Associés in collaboration with gh3* architects, the park replaced an expressway off-ramp. The project honors victims of the 2018 Toronto vehicular terrorist attack and was inspired by an aerial, black and white photograph of Younge Street drawn over with red hearts. 

Intended to be viewed from the ground and from above, the park features a north-south oriented, heart-shaped water basin measuring approximately 180 feet in diameter. The water-feature is defined by a continuous raised edge known as the “love seat,” which is decorated with red glass tiles inspired by mosaics of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Offering a place for visitors to sit at the water’s edge, its glass tiles, in varying shades of red provide visual interest in all seasons. A singular, circular island in the basin’s western portion is shaded by an existing Northern Catalpa tree. 

The water-feature is traced by an apron of granite pavers and a generous, curvilinear path. Concrete walks lead to the park’s edges, framing organically shaped lawn panels. Inspired by Adolphe Alphand, the lawns are slightly bowed to hide paths and perimeter streets from view and are planted with existing and introduced trees, including silver maple, American elm, and weeping willow. East of the basin is a metal pavilion trellis by gh3* architects, which in time will be draped with mature wisteria. Interspersed throughout the park are nine life-size, cast bronze animal sculptures of native Canadian fauna created by artists Tyler Balko and Marina Guglielmi. The figures include a fox, rabbit, and chipmunk, the latter, perched on the basin’s edge and is surrounded by small, polished bronze hearts.

Location and Nearby Landscapes

Nearby Landscapes